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Corel Draw is a graphics editor. It is in some ways like the Photoshop suite where you can edit pictures and also draw pictures.It is a computer software, so all of the work is done on the computer rather than with paper and pencil. It makes the work go quicker.There are several graphics tools in order to fit shapes, lines, and other creations together and then color them. Corel can create books, booklets, brochures, and a number of other marketing products for businesses. Those creating graphic novels or children’s books canuse the software for illustrations. One can save in layers and cut out other images that they do not like. It is a full editing suite.


Whether one is in business or doing a personal project at home Corel Draw can provide the software to make the product a success. Since it has several options to edit, cut, and layer the work one is doing anyone can create newsletters, brochures and other works. There are other software programs like it, but Corel is one of the leaders in the industry produced by a Canadian corporation.


For marketing companies, advertising agencies, and other like companies Corel Draw can be highly important to know so that an employee can do the editing required with one of the top software programs on the market. For those who are learning graphic design for any type of business Corel Draw is one of the software products to be familiar with. There are certainly others, but this is certainly one to have a certification level in to obtain a job in the field one might be interested in.





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  1. How to Insert Images
  2. Header and footers
  3. Working with texts, working with the toolbox, working with images
  4. Color management and special effect with lots more



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