Internet Security & Computer Safety

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Too often, computer and network security is not thought about until a problem arises. At this point, a breach in security can cause huge and potentially harmful problems to your business and/or your customers. By setting up a security plan and an emergency action plan, you can know that the information held in your computers and networks is safe and secure. This training will teach you about Cyber criminals, hackers, identity thieves and dangerous threats to your system .You have to be aware of any potential gaps or breaches in your security systems. You also want to make sure that all your employees are aware of the dangers of opening attachments or web links that are sent by unknown parties. These emails can be a dangerous activity known as “phishing,” with hackers trying to access or steal passwords and other private information.

It helps you make sure that your employees know how to pick strong passwords, which will help keep their individual accounts secure. Also, helps you train others around you about security and make additional income from that.

Product Description

Protect Yourself & Your Money Against Hackers and Online Fraudsters.

In this Computer Security Video Tutorial, You will learn about:

  • How To Secure Your Computer
  • Securing A Wireless Network
  • Securing Your Internet Browser
  • Dealing with Viruses
  • Understanding An Antivirus
  • Staying Safe on The Internet
  • Protecting Your Privacy
  • Protecting The Privacy of Others
  • 32 Real Time Malware and Phishing Scenarios  and lots more


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