Microsoft PowerPoint

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PowerPoint is an extremely useful and a handy tool for communication, expression, training and entertainment. It has been helping us with all our presentations for a couple of decades now. PowerPoint till recently has been commonly used for corporate sales, marketing, finance, training presentations, and creating e-greeting cards. However, there are many other innovative and creative uses of PowerPoint that are evolving each day. The fact that the software is easy-to-use, familiar since ages now, and can be converted into more web friendly and content safe formats, such as flash and PDF, makes it one of the most preferred tools globally. The ease with which one can create complex presentations using audio, video, animations and graphic makes it extremely user friendly.


  • Create and deliver dynamic presentations
  • Designer-quality SmartArt graphics
  • Share information effectively
  • Protect and manage information

Product Description


  • Learn E-Brochures, Storyboard Tool, E-direct Mailers for Product Promotions, Corporate Policies on the Intranet, E-recipes on Gourmet and Culinary portals
  • Teach yourself Orthopedic, Physiotherapy exercises, Yoga asana, Customer Education, Project Prototypes, Personal Portfolio
  • Learn about Online Photo Album, Proofing documents, Presentation and lots more 


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